Knowsaic is a knowledge and digital asset management consultancy founded by Elizabeth F. McLean, MSLS CKM CKS.

Digital platforms and tools continue to evolve as information is created at exponential rates.  The mandate remains and grows for strategic knowledge access, experiential sharing, learning and innovating regardless of borders and time zones. Knowsaic applies content classification, knowledge sharing and knowledge continuity solutions tailored to your organization’s mission.

Our Name:

Knowsaic is a blend word for knowledge mosaic.  The preferable alternative to information overload or apathy, Knowsaic’s content organization frameworks promote intentional discovery and stewardship. Your knowledge mosaic optimizes access and highlights your organization’s best problem-solving experiences for reuse.

Our Founder:

Elizabeth F. McLean, MSLS CKM CKS brings Library and Information Science (LIS) and Knowledge Management (KM) expertise along with extensive client service skills to work with people to optimize information flow and to amplify knowledge sharing for organization learning and impact.  

Liz discovered the need to get the right information to the right people at the right time during her early work in executive support to C-suite executives in Washington, D.C.  These formative experiences with senior counsel, chief executives and Chairmen in the fields of satellite telecommunications, telecommunications, venture capital, law firms and regulatory bodies, that the knowledge imperatives from all stakeholders presented the real world demand for authoritative and current information, often in the most fluid of settings for companies in development.

Liz has particular expertise in satellite telecommunications, international development and corporate and non-profit board digital asset management.

Professional Memberships:

AIIM – The Global Community of Information Professionals

AIIP – Association of Independent Information Professionals

ASIS&T – Association of Information Science and Technology

SID-W – Society of International Development Washington Chapter