Connector, collaborator, and appreciative conversation enabler.

headshot EFMcLean 2019

Elizabeth F. McLean, MSLS CKS, is principal and chief knowledge and information strategist at Knowsaic, a consulting practice based in the Washington DC area.

An early adopter of web collaboration and content collection solutions, Liz grows ways to innovate knowledge sharing and retention.

My colleagues and clients know me by the focus I place first on people, their contexts and their knowledge flow experiences.

Inspired to amplify knowledge flow, Liz uses her empathetic people-centered approach to make it easier to know where to find the best know-how to save time and money.

Liz has worked for corporate, executive government, and non-profits in the fields of international development, satellite telecommunications, telecommunications, venture capital, renewable energy, law and charitable foundations.

To cultivate curiosity and spark problem solving, Liz participates in these learning and professional groups:

Association for Independent Information Professionals

The Knowledge Management Community of DC (KMDC)


Maryland Nonprofits


Society for International Development-Washington DC (SID-W)