Nonprofit Knowledge with Knowsaic

For excellence and greater stability for your organization, apply Knowsaic’s content and knowledge organization frameworks to give you more time to focus on mission actions, grantees and fundraising.

Knowsaic’s knowledge continuity expertise helps your departing directors and officers successfully on-board newer members with minimal loss of organizational know-how.

Keep your standards of excellence for governance and board records and meetings on track digitally with Knowsaic Nonprofit Board Portal solutions tailored to your operations.

Does your foundation or nonprofit lose time and patience from frustrations like these?

  • On-boarding of our newly recruited board members stalls because we don’t have our governance house in order.
  • Many rules of our operation are understood, but no one person has captured the right written instructions.
  • We report annually to our donors and stakeholders.  How can we keep our accomplishments easily at the ready and organized to update and use?
  • Working with multiple versions of minutes, agendas, board documentation really doesn’t work when you’re collaborating via email inboxes.  We have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out who has the latest version and what was decided.
  • We have compliance requirements regarding record-keeping, but we don’t have a handle on how to make that happen or to do it better.
  • We work across time zones and continents.  We need a way to collaborate across borders and time zones in a central, virtual, and easy to use and secure portal.  How could that work?
  • We’re not sure why this board document organization activity isn’t working the way we want it to, and we don’t have time to figure out why.

Here comes the life ring! Knowsaic’s board content expertise runs deep.

Knowsaic has managed board documentation and governance records of nonprofit, foundation and private enterprises for over 20 years.  Venture capital, international satellite telecommunications, fiber optic regulatory counsel, energy service operators and local foundations have benefited from my collaboration and stakeholder document management capabilities. Get your records and collaboration house in order.  Contact Knowsaic for expert solutions, compliance and peace of mind today!

Case Examples:

The client came to Knowsaic out of frustration over inability to keep newly recruited nonprofit board officers.  Over the recent years, time and money invested in identifying and recruiting key officers was quickly lost and these essential functions were compromised. Knowsaic was able to identify obstacles to information flow, and key in on what new officers would need in knowledge and information transfer to have what they needed from day one to apply their energy and enthusiasm to the projects, instead of going around in circles attempting to get up to speed on access, information and tacit understanding of embedded practices.

The mission goals and reach were suffering, impacting value and capabilities to serve those that the organization served.

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