Organize Digital Collections with Knowsaic

That 30-40% of your day’s time spent trying to find your stuff? Redirect that energy toward project challenges and impact.

Is this you?

I know this information must exist somewhere in this organization.  Who knows where to look? How can I get to it faster? 

We want our external stakeholders to find more of our blog content when they are searching on the web for ______  (fill in the blank!) No more haystacks, please.

Our enterprise social network is as vast as our international organization.  We need to organize, highlight, and amplify expertise and information across sectors and silos. Content and communities gardener, rescue us!?!

How Knowsaic Helps Your Team Find What They Need to Know

Knowsaic’s expertise, together with your mission’s people, work processes and strategy, crafts solutions right for your enterprise. 

Find your stuff and connect to expertise faster! Knowsaic tweaks features, content display and organization in existing collaboration spaces that deliver just in time information for work processes to save you time and money.

Connect people to know-how and know-who in context faster in knowledge asset collections with Knowsaic’s expertise in:

    • Stakeholder, Strategies and Workflow Categorization
    • Metadata Application and Design
    • Practical taxonomies
    • Knowledge and Information Assets Flow Assessments
    • Collaboration Hubs and Communities of Practice (CoP), Content Amplification and Expertise Connections

Challenges Met with Solutions:

A humanitarian aid partner knew that its blog content collection was not consistently organized, making resources difficult to locate.  To ensure that external stakeholders could find this content more easily, Knowsaic analyzed posts and how they were currently organized. Relying on expertise in this field, Knowsaic proposed recommendations for changes in categories and tags to align existing and future posts to global aid strategies and topic terms. In a field where results are measured constantly, this project frames context for use and reuse of an existing content collection; amplifies content and visibility for external stakeholder searches; and maps content to targets and impact areas of the global development agenda.

An international network of communities of practice (CoP) needed to increase collaboration and knowledge shared through greater participation.  Knowsaic interviewed power users and non-users in person to hear directly of blocks to COP information flow and organization. By sensibly chunking resources, Knowsaic framed targeted ways for members to discover and engage around critical knowledge resources. The applied values from this work are realized when someone has applied knowledge from their community to change how they do their work and this has had a measurable positive effect on the project’s success.

A performing arts organization has a substantial digital assets management project and sought out help with applying existing taxonomy and metadata to these invaluable collections.  Knowsaic’s research verified facets surrounding the assets, provided metadata accuracy and implemented the organization’s new classification structures. As a result, these digital artifacts can now be found and grouped for researchers, historians and performers.  The assets now tell a story that is revealed in unique ways. They have taken on new life and provided greater exposure to donors, patrons and the international arts community.