Retain & Reuse Organizational Knowledge

We’re always saying that we need to improve our knowledge capture and retention practices ASAP but we don’t know where to start or what to prioritize. Start here, with us.

Knowsaic helps you capture and share your organization’s invaluable information

The gig economy disrupts existing practices to keep what we’ve developed available for enterprise growth.  Our experts, know-how and knowledge networks are vulnerable to loss more and more everyday. How do we transfer and retain mission expertise from contractors, consultants or retiring employees to reuse for continued mission success?

We don’t know who or where to turn to find our the best experts or enterprise knowledge.   With so many tools and platforms, it becomes too frustrating and time consuming.

Our project members are often recruited for a new project even before their current project is finished.  There isn’t time to really get a clear picture of how we did or did not succeed. Even if we can capture or document key practices or failures, these assets are not normally indexed or organized to ensure that other teams could use them. We need to more easily access our practices to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Knowsaic works with your organization turn the information chaos into invaluable assets

Your mission’s work generates embedded know-how, insights and innovations which create value for the mission every day. Don’t let expertise evaporate by ignoring the knowledge your organization already grows. Knowsaic works with you to connect people with the critical assets they need to succeed and excel.

Talk to Knowsaic today and act to:

  • Target, retain and transfer enterprise expertise
  • Learn what your organization knows, and what it needs to know to do what it needs to do better
  • Refine and improve existing processes to connect people to key content in their work contexts
  • Grow mission learning, exchange and engagement to amplify reuse and innovation

Case Examples:

Because project expert networks are constantly in a state of flux, our client wanted to learn how to reduce leakage of project collaborative knowledge.  Knowsaic worked with this client to assess and improve practices to intentionally retain project expertise, collaborative learning and knowledge continuity.  The client has a clearer view of knowledge flows, roles and exchange practices. There is now an explicit practice and culture in the enterprise that captures project collaborative expertise.  The client now leverages the capabilities and value generated through collaborative knowledge acquired.

A Knowsaic client knew that its project teams had procedures in place to capture project processes and results for some time.  Unsure of the extent and coverage areas of these repositories, the client needed to see what lived where and how could it be obtained?  This client’s chief goal was to bring these hidden assets forward for re-use and innovation. Knowsaic collaborated with this client’s teams to identify repositories and topics, designate user context access points and socialize topics and activities for enterprise transparency and re-use.  Increased visibility of content to users in their contexts and workflows spurred improvements in capture and exchange practices. Additionally, the client is benefiting now from its knowledge sharing culture and learning for greater efficiencies and value of information assets.