Right now, we all need better ways to engage and collaborate virtually. Even if your staff are used to working remotely, adding capacity for increased virtual events or improving team info flow and engagement are essentials for the world during COVID-19 and beyond. Strengthen your virtual capacity and interactivity with expertise from Knowsaic.

Our face to face (f2f) events for meetings, conferences and learning have made an abrupt and unanticipated 100% shift to digital interactions practically overnight.

If you feel unsure of how to make the most of virtual engagement for your project teams and stakeholders, or need an extra co-host moderator, talk to Liz McLean, Principal of Knowsaic. Liz has expertise in planning, hosting, co-hosting/moderating, and facilitating virtual events of all kinds. Liz can coach you when you need to put the greater focus on people during virtual gatherings. Digital collaboration spaces and Communities of Practice are her bread and butter.

Contact Liz now to get the peace of mind with coaching or the extra set of virtual hands that your organization needs to keep your virtual game going in the right direction. Don’t let this shift in the landscape interrupt your problem solving, action and engagement. Services include:

  • Coaching on Virtual Meeting/Event Formats and Best Practices
  • Acting as Co-Host Moderator for your Virtual Meetings and Events
  • Hosting Peer to Peer Virtual Roundtable or Networking Spaces
  • Forming and Managing Communities of Practice (CoP’s)
  • Managing and Facilitating Collaboration Portals

What is a Co-Host Moderator?

Because it’s important for the person who is leading the virtual event to have a sole focus on facilitating or content sharing, designate a platform savvy co-host moderator who can manage communication with attendees, post files or terms, clarify and manage questions and field tech concerns. Let participants know that they can chat directly to co-host to communicate during the event. A designated co-host moderator can also assist with breakout sessions. Think of the co-host moderator as a friendly “wizard behind the curtain.”

Email Liz at lizmclean@knowsaic.net