Teams Can Work Remotely without Feeling Remote

As a regular remote worker for the past two years, I’m happy to talk about the importance of virtually “working out loud” (WOL). Different time zones, work routines and project roles can often make for a feeling of disconnect, but we use Slack to share our challenges, our “laugh out louds” and involve one another in the latest quest for collaborative wisdom. The tool is not the important part, the people are.

As a KM professional, I highly recommend using the Working Out Loud practice for more engaged, collaborative and relatable remote team engagement as we all now work from home. As we find ourselves suddenly remote, it’s a good idea to build online trust and partnerships, while tackling project challenges or laughing/crying about how it feels to be human in these days.

Make your work more visible to your remote team by Working Out Loud.

Lend your Working Out Loud contributions throughout the day and over time those contributions build trust and a culture of engagement (a very hard thing to cultivate) while increasing chances for cooperation, learning and collaboration. Increase feelings of connectedness and productivity when you work out loud.

WOL definition

“Working out loud is an approach to building relationships that can help you in some way. It’s a practice that combines conventional wisdom about relationships with modern ways to reach and engage people. When you work out loud, you feel good and empowered at the same time.” John Stepper

How do I Work Out Loud?

Using an organization or enterprise social network tool for collaboration simply show and tell people what you’re doing and learning about and how you are going about doing it. Ask your virtual network a good question or provide your expertise or insights on another person’s question. Or query for expert assists. Check in with a good morning, today I’m tackling…. and check out with See you later or Happy Friday! Connectedness builds trust networks, learning and engagement.

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Why WOL?

The great motivation for adopting WOL is to increase virtual team engagement and a culture of shared trust and learning.


Wishing you all good health and resilience during these times.