Elizabeth (Liz) McLean really helped me offer and manage two virtual webinars for folks from two dozen countries. If you are planning to host webinars or other virtual knowledge exchanges, Liz can work with you to design an engaging event and then cultivate professional networks. She helped me by building a wonderful Sustainable Network community of practice (CoP). She researched how to do a pay-what-you-can, then helped during the webinars and gathered and sent out the materials afterward to the community generated by attendance at these webinars. She also helped by asking sustainability practitioners who attended to join us, then helped me create the ‘curated’ infrastructure on the network she selected with me, then asking great questions about content shared, and how to engage their expertise. Happy to answer any questions about her work.

Jindra Cekan and Cekanova, PhD of Valuing Voices

Meredith Reese

Digital Asset Management, Media Preservation, and Metadata Management

Elizabeth provided huge assistance on a large-scale cataloging project for me and delivered the project ahead of schedule. She learned a new Digital Asset Management System quickly, showed continued enthusiasm, and provided invaluable feedback. I greatly appreciate Elizabeth’s inquisitive nature, her attention to detail and her research skills are top notch.

Meredith Reese

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